Welcome to the Star Wars Jedi Combat FREE MMORPG
Features include:

  • Play as Anakin, Obi Wan, Yoda or Lord Sidious followed by an army of clone or Droids

  • Train your Jedi to become the strongest one beating all the players

  • In jedi combat FREE MMORPG you can build up an army of clone or droids leaded by your jedi

  • Discover the game secrets like, Can Anakin become Vader? and if posible how? Check at Jedi Combat MOST PLAYED MMORPG

  • Follow a Jedi Master or become one training your padawans

  • Build up an army of clone or droids leaded by your jedi

  • And much more in this MMORPG

  • Play now the best game of the MMORPG LIST and1 MMORPG TOPLIST is a massively multiplay ronline role based on playing game also called MMORPG,MMO or MPOG.
A MMORPG or ONLINE MMO or ONLINE RPG is a free online game with a "virtual world" where lot of players can interact.
Feel free to start playing in our MMO DATING at this STARWARS MMO or STARWARS MMORPG or STARWARS MPOG
At you can enjoy all jedi combat game features such as starting an army of clones or droids leaded by a powerful jedi. At this STAR WARS MMORPG you can train your jedi about 4 aspects: light sabber skill,strength,knowledge of the force and natural power to become the most powerful out there in this MMO STRATEGY game at our MMO GAMING community

You can also start a game alliance to play with your friends training them into the game, like a jedi master would train a padawan. You can advertise your alliance home page and your alliance forum in other MMO WEBSITES or MMO TOP making your alliance known in the whole world gaming community. As you may know jedi combat is one of the most known and played NEW MMO GAMES
From the game development we want to wish you good luck in this FREE and FUN MMO where all the players can have fun and enjoy our MMORPG TOPGAME
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